MEGAFIL®: Guaranteed no moisture pick-up

MEGAFIL® seamless flux- and metal-cored wires are closed by full penetration welding and totally insensitive to moisture absorption, even under extreme climatic conditions with tropical temperatures and very high relative humidity. The filling remains dry throughout the entire process of storage and use in welded fabrication, preventing hydrogen induced cracking caused by moisture in the consumable. MEGAFIL® cored wires require no special storage conditions. Re-drying prior to use is never necessary.

The special MEGAFIL® manufacturing technology enables production of cored wires with these and other unique advantages for end users.

  • Prevention of hydrogen induced cracking. Weld metal hydrogen content tested according to EN and AWS is below 4 ml/100 g weld metal. Typical values below H3.
  • No special storage conditions required. Can be stored like solid wires for an indefinite period, without any risk of moisture absorption. Re-drying not necessary – even after storage under humid conditions.
  • Resistance to moisture pick-up when mounted on wire feeder, out of packaging. No discontinuities in the filling – dependable weld metal properties.
  • Copper-coating for optimal current transfer from contact tip to wire and for low contact tip wear.
  • Carefully controlled cast, helix and diameter gives good wire feeding and straight delivery at contact tip. Ideal for robotic welding.

MEGAFIL® flux- and metal-cored wires are available for all construction steel qualities with a wide range of approvals from authorities such as ABS, DNV, LR and TÜV. Wires can be supplied with 3.1 certificates for chemical composition and mechanical properties.