MEGAFIL®: Storage and Handling

MEGAFIL® seamless flux- and metal-cored wires are totally insensitive to moisture absorption. They can be stored for an inde€nite period of time. Like solid wire, however, they are copper-coated and direct contact with any liquid – particularly water – must be avoided to prevent the formation of rust on the wire surface. Rust is a potential source of weld metal hydrogen, but it can also cause poor wire feeding.

It is therefore recommended to store MEGAFIL® wires in a dry area – away from weather influences – and in their original packaging. Any sudden drop in temperature should be avoided to prevent the formation of condensate water. It is suffi€cient to slightly warm the storeroom during winter months. Partly used wire spools must be re-packed in their original plastic bag, carefully sealed, and stored in their original cardboard boxes.

Summarized MEGAFIL® storage and handling recommendations are:

  • Store wires under dry conditions in the original sealed packaging.
  • Avoid contact between wire and substances such as water or any other kind of liquid or vapour oil, grease or corrosion.
  • Do not touch the wire surface with bare hands.
  • Avoid exposure of the wire below dew point.
  • Do not leave unprotected wire spools in workshops overnight.
  • Store the wire in its original plastic bag and box when not used.
  • Apply fi€rst in – fi€rst out for stocked wires.